Nov 15, 2013

Loafin’ in Texas

We’re livin’ the high life this week. We drove all day from Arkansas to Lake Texoma and ended up landing at our destination (Cedar Mills Marina & Resort)  too late to check in and too tired to worry about it. Luck has been with us for most of the trip, so when I hiked to the marina’s office, Wednesday morning, the folks who run the place were as accommodating as if we’d have actually made reservations (like we planned on doing). When I wrote to the RV park, about a month ago, I was told that “all of our campsites have a lake view.” At the time, I blew that off as nonsense because nobody lays out a campsite that generously. I was wrong (as I so often am). There are no bad spaces on this campground.

Unconsciously, we popped for a “full hookup” site: water, electric, and sewer. We’ve been using dump sites and our on-board water for three weeks, so having unlimited water and sewage “capacity” is a real luxury. Unfortunately, our hot water heater doesn’t work, so we can’t take advantage of being in a full kitchen, yet. I’ll mess with that later this week.

Even better, we’re here off-season and there is only one other RV in the campground. Once again, we own the place. It’s a little cooler today than the weather prediction, but it’s still a long way above freezing. I’m going to unload the WR and take a ride around town this afternoon, just to see what else is here.


Trobairitz said...


I think you picked the perfect time of year for your trip. To have the places almost all to yourself must be so much more enjoyable than what they'd be like in peak season. The spaces all elbow deep in screaming kids and partying neighbors.


RichardM said...

Pretty nice campground. I'd consider fixing why water heater for those times when you do have unlimited water. Actually, some RV water heaters have an electric element installed as well as the gas. Have you looked at your breaker panel.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and your wife. Now that's a real treasure in this lifetime!

Flyboy said...

We did an RV trip around the south west this time last year and had a ball. There were no crowds, the weather was great and the locals friendly. Enjoy!
Just one question, do you run into trouble once temps start getting below 32F?

T.W. Day said...

We've done fine, so far, at near-freezing temps. The heater works fine and most of our water supply is inside the chassis.

I may start hacking on the water heater this afternoon. Mostly depending on if our daughter is here. Playing with the grandson trumps hot water. So far, I know it's not the breaker, the heater over-load protection, or plumbing. The heater element, thermostat, or power source status is still undetermined.

I'm still looking for a reason to crack open the mobile recording studio and make some music. So far, no other players in sight.