Nov 24, 2013

Cavin’ with the Days

Not really. No cavin’ for us yet. We’re camped at the Whites City Campground, just outside of the Carlsbad Cavern National Park. There is a surprising number of other campers here, considering that the park has been closed since Friday afternoon due to slick road conditions. Of course, we’re still in fracking territory and there are more than a few Halliburton and other similar characters who “live” in the campground while they wipe out the state’s water resources for a few barrels of oil and natural gas (most of which they burn off as “waste”). If coal advocates every wanted to really understand why coal prices are dirt, this is the place to come. All of those Cheney secret energy policy decisions that made fracking “profitable” and drove energy prices so low that mining coal is impractical are all visible in Texas and western New Mexico. Coming soon to those places, “"undrinkable water that can be used for fuel or engine cleaning.”

Photobucket is getting stranger by the day, so I can’t figure out how to do a slideshow with my pictures from today. You can get to them here, though.


  1. Darn that looks chilly with the snow. Makes for some pretty landscape pictures though.

  2. I never realized that the elevation of Carlsbad was that high. May as well enjoy the extra time. No need to stress yourself trying to get somewhere else...


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