Sep 1, 2012

Dream Bike, Irritating Song

I will absolutely admit that there was a time when "Born to be Wild" seemed like a cool song. Fortunately for me, I had heard Steppenwolf's song before it was misused in Greasy Rider or I'd have never thought it was cool. I suspect the last year I tapped my foot to Mars Bonfire's only big hit was around 1968. After that, the song was always attached to some damn Fortune 500 product and has been a signature of girly-boy admen since.

On the other hand, The Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré has been around for a while (since 2008) and it is the kind of bike that we may never get in the USA. The 660 was preceded by the XT600 Ténéré that was sold in Europe/Japan from '83 to '96 and Yamaha only taunted us with the DP XT600.

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