Sep 27, 2012

One More Nail in the Coffin

The character who wrote this piece, "Missouri Cops Hit Motorcyclists," seems to think that this is an example of police harassment and abuse. I don't see that at all. In fact, I'd expect the aftereffects of this kind of spoiled brat behavior to spill over on the rest of us not just in dealing with the police but when any sane member of the general public sees motorcycles on public roads. These idiots are not "Streetfighterz," they are just spoiled children who need a severe beating and should have had their motorcycles and licenses confiscated. More evidence that young men should not be allowed to congregate in groups larger than 3 (and that might be too liberal).

There is nothing good to say about this "motorcycle event." Supposedly, it was going to be the last, but nothing bad ever dies easily. These children are doing everything they can to eliminate motorcyclists' rights and privileges on public roads and as one experienced rider put it, "You're witnessing the death of our sport right there, at least here in the US. Don’t you just feel it in your gut? The level of stupidity is just growing to obscene levels all over the county. How can communities not react to scenes like that. Ride it while you can." It makes me almost glad to be old.


  1. We need a ride to work hippos,garage candy ass bikes,just utility conference & a ride through the city behaving like sane commuters.....preferably in the rain.

  2. Beautiful idea. I'm in.

  3. It would be tricky to market this so that the majority of traffic would understand the point. Worthwhile, though. I'm starting to suspect that there aren't that many "sane commuters" on any vehicle, but motorcyclists have quite possibly made a permanent shift toward craziness. A while back, Kevin Cameron predicted that the cost of motorcycles and their impracticality would force enthusiasts to become more like horse people; rich hobbyists.


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