Nov 1, 2015

MN Crash Stats

One feature of being an MMSC motorcycle instructor is that we get to look at the crash data, compiled into a spreadsheet, often and early. As usual, this year’s data is embarrassing. But a little interesting. For one, only four crashes involved non-liter or smaller motorcycles and all of those crashes involved another vehicle or a deer. Most of the crashes and fatalities were on rural roads. Not surprisingly, the majority of motorcycle crashes and fatalities were from Harley riders who ran into mailboxes, ditches, deer, sign posts, cable barriers, open fields, curbs, and other vehicles. Based on these statistics, you’d think ABATE would be doing everything they could to get bikers off of cruisers, on to smaller motorcycles, away from country roads, and out of bars. Don’t hold your breath.

PS: If you’d like to look at the preliminary spreadsheet, send me a note and I’ll email it to you.


RichardM said...

Four crashes out oh how many? Percentage of multi versus single vehicle?

Troubadour said...

Another single vehicle motorcycle crash.... let me guess, a cruiser rider, over the age of 50?
I suspect that older riders are returning to riding after raising a family, and tend to ride for the social aspect, pressured into believing that they don't need training. Unfortunately, the one thing I find with older riders in my class, is that they are failing to turn their heads. Old habits die hard.