Nov 19, 2015

Why We’re Everyone’s Favorite Asshole

California is still the only state in the US with actual legal lane-splitting/sharing. I’d love to believe that this great idea will spread to other states, but because motorcycles attract more assholes than humans, I suspect it never will (or won’t in my lifetime). This article from CBS Los Angeles, Road Rage Caught On Camera: Motorcyclist Smashes Auto Mirrors And Flees, is one of many reasons why. If you do a Google search on “motorcycle road rage video smashes mirrors youtube ” you’ll discover more of this crap than you’d imagine/hope.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen almost no evidence that self-regulation works in any industry or activity. Scuba diving and some of the high-liability air sports like skydiving and glider piloting are the exceptions. Personally, I think motorcyclists are going to have take motorcycle licensing and laws in hand and drop the hammer on assholes like this douche or we can wait to be banished from public roads with more than enough justification.

Then, of course, there is always the total asshole gangbanger crowd. I will never understand why, if cops are so anxious to blow holes in people, they don’t practice with these jackasses. There wouldn’t be 30 seconds of protest if this whole pack of dickwads were routed into a warehouse districted and shot to pieces. There might even be promotions and medals involved.


T.W. Day said...

As usual, Lane Splitter did a better job than me with the response to the mirror smashing asshole? Dear Dickhead Motorcyclists: Stop Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad ( Pretty much the same general idea, but with more sophistication and tolerance. And hope.

Steve Williams said...

Antics like that seen in the videos, loud exhausts rumbling up the roads at night after the bars close, and the big groups that clog the roads at times, it is surprising we can ride at all.

Roy Karny said...

Well, here almost everyone has a camcorder to his helmet and/or windshield so it's fairly easy to charge them.
That may be the solution.