Jun 2, 2013

Closer to the Edge - Isle Of Man - TT Race, FULL MOVIE!

This might be the coolest thing YouTube has ever published. The full freakin' movie:

[That didn't last long. YouTube pulled the video about a week after I'd posted it. Now, there is no way for US viewers to see it because it still hasn't made it here in any format. Along with the hundreds of cool bikes that don't come to the US, this is one more piece of evidence that we are 3rd world.]

When no place in Minneapolis/St. Paul ran this movie, I seriously considered moving somewhere civilized. I still am. I do not understand a single word Guy Martin says, but I love what he does with a motorcycle.

I can't say that the TT is high on my list of "things I gotta do," though. The archaic rules and arrogant timekeeper bureaucracy is too much for me. It feels too much like golf or even the crazed way observed trials is judged. (How can you roll backwards and not have lost "forward motion?") A 30S penalty for supposedly being 0.1mph too fast out of the pits is insane and cost Martin the Superbike title in the first race. I can't watch that kind of shit without wanting to hang an official. (Of course, hanging officials is pretty high on my list of favorite things to do on good days.)

These guys are either the craziest people on earth or the bravest. Could be both. The tank-slapping when those bikes come down off of the rises in the roads is insane. Totally insane.

NOTE: This does not qualify as a "movie review" because I loved every minute of Closer to the Edge and I have no useful criticism to offer.


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