Jun 27, 2013

Here It Comes, Smartass

Think auto-piloted vehicles are in the science fiction future? Think again bozo-boy. Your days of “being in control” are numbered.

Think motorcycles are going to be in the traffic mix when these vehicles are on the freeway?

The final statement in this article was, “And if it all goes wrong, Audi Pre Sense will step in to save your bacon. At the sign of potential hazards, you'll see a visual and audible warning. But responding to info from the ESP sensors, like hard braking or skidding, the windows and sun roof will close, while electric motors tighten your seatbelt ready for impact.

There's even a thermal imaging camera with a 24-degree scanning angle, giving your car night sight in the far infrared region (FIR). That's 300 meters in total darkness, and unlike our feeble eyes, it's not affected by the glare of oncoming headlights. In fact, sitting in this autonomous automobile we're beginning to feel like the weakest link.”

Humans have been the weak link in traffic since the freeway system was designed. If we’re not being fuckin’ morons, we’re just not trying.


  1. Yes, but when do we get to fly in them?

    Why do so many things need auto-pilot? People should be paying more attention on the road, not less.

  2. I'm not convinced that most people are capable of competently driving. Look at the overwhelming percentage of drivers who insist on tailgating, under the delusion that closing the space between vehicles increases their own or overall traffic speed. You don't drive a bus, trail, or plane. If you don't have the skills, why would you want to drive a car if a computer could do it more competently?


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