Jun 14, 2013

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Meets the Triumph Rocket III

And there is a Harley ad that is unintentionally funnier, unconsciously dumber, and depressingly repetitive and mindless. Nothing like 100 dressed-alike posers pretending to be independent thinkers to remind us that we’re always #1 in being dumbasses.

Sometimes I think Hardly's marketing department is trying to make it easy for comedians. For example, compare the end of the Hardly ad to a more substantial piece of art:

The last time I found two videos so perfectly linked was when I watched Led Zepplin's "The Song Remains the Same" right after "Spinal Tap." Honestly, sometimes I think "The Company" is setting me up. Sometimes, I feel like the fat kid picking on the kid in a wheelchair on a junior high playground. They just make it too fuckin' easy.


  1. Ha listening to the harley add, sounds a bit like Star Treks next generation.

    We are the borg.

  2. With full respect for Paul's friend, as he said, "Remember, all rugged individualists must dress alike."

  3. I would add to that, rugged individuals must all go in the same direction with the same destination at he same speed and in a traffic clogging pack.


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