Jun 4, 2013

Motorcycle Content in the New Yorker?

The Day Coffee Stopped Working

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“What do you think, Motley Jack?” he asked his jester. “Does the Secretary of State ever look back on all the good times we had together?”

But his jester didn’t answer. He was too busy doing wheelies on his dirt bike.

The President laughed to himself. One of the things the scientist had told them was that they’d have to use their vehicles less. “Yes, even dirt bikes,” the scientist had said. “Stop asking that.” But the President kept not being able to believe that even dirt bikes wouldn’t be allowed! What was this shit?! Thank God they had made the scientist go away, eventually, back to the black site.

In the morning, the President’s forces would move against the band of marauders from New Buttland, which had crossed the border in search of coffee. Theirs had run out.

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  1. This scenario was made possible by replacing scientists with carpet bag preachers and those who follow.


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