Jun 29, 2013

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Look closely at this photo and tell me what is wrong with this picture (and where Waldo is hiding)?
It’s a concept bike, for sure, but exactly the kind of thing one of the so-called American bike manufacturers ought to be building. Unfortunately, as usual, they’ve left it to privateers to do actual engineering work and engineer Jim Carducci gets all of the credit for the Carducci Dual Sport SC3 Adventure. Carducci’s company claims to be “Founded by myself, a mechanical systems design engineer and senior engineering director in the semiconductor industry, with over 32 years of design engineering experience, and my wife with an electrical engineering control systems, SW and operations background, we create and provide innovative and technical solutions. Our designs are patent pending.
“With our professional experience coupled with my 40 years of motorcycling experience and passion for riding, racing, customizing, building, and traveling via motorcycle, have led us to develop dual sport motorcycles. And, we are making them available to you.” Based on this brilliant piece of engineering, design work, and visual excellence, I see no reason to doubt those claims. Of course, it’s still a plodding hippo, but at least it has a purpose. Like the rest of the liter+ “adventure” bikes, it is heavy (475 pounds dry), tall (35.5” seat height), and most likely has limited range (no fuel capacity stated on the company website, but if there are performance mods made to the engine, mileage will suffer). I could whine and moan about what it isn’t for another page, but what it is has to be one of the only cool looking HDs on the road. It will look great on Leno’s garage floor, all polished up and dry as a bone inside to prevent wood floor stains.

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