Jun 2, 2015

Classic Craig's List Ad

A few thousand dollars in mods and almost enough miles to justify a bicycle. Clearly, he "needed" the extra noise and power because . . . ? Either this guy or someone just like him asked this group earlier what kind of price he should be asking. I suggested $2200 with all of the aftermarket crap still in place or $3200 if he returns it to stock. He could either hope to find a sucker/buyer for the box full of junk or give it away as a boobie prize to whoever buys the bike. I guess he thought I wasn't serious.


  1. Have you noticed the fuel catalyst listed!

    Must be a true believer.

    Quick, offer to swap the bike for some hand braided cryogenically treated audio cables.

  2. Damn, I just gave all of my cryogenicaly treated audio cables to a needy robot.


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