Jun 6, 2015

Bypassing the BRC: DIY

Now this is how we learned to ride in the Good Ol’ Days:

How to Ride a Motorcycle 1

Yep, in a suit and everything. I always wore a suit and tie when I was a young man learning to ride my brother’s stolen Harley 250 Sprint. (He didn’t steal it, but I stole it from him.)

How to Ride a Motorcycle 2

Any reasonable person would start the bike from the side. After all, you wouldn’t want to look like someone who has to be somewhere in a hurry. Lesson ten actually teaches you how to turn into a woman because everyone knows women have better balance than men. How to Ride a Motorcycle 3

How to Ride a Motorcycle 4

Five minutes! Not 4 1/2 hours of classroom and ten hours of intense boredom while two old guys in neon vests harp at you about using your brakes “properly” or looking where you’re going or using the handlebars to steer. Just jump on, twist the throttle and go! I feel like my last 13 years have been totally wasted. From now on, I’m throwing away the MSF program and handing this thing out to all of my students. It’s back to the future for me!

How to Ride a Motorcycle 5

Damn. This only works on the “new lightweight Indian?”

How to Ride a Motorcycle 6

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  1. I wonder if "foot spuds" have anything to do with "potato-potato" sounds? Not from this bike, but maybe Harleys had "foot spuds" too.

    Don't use that front brake!


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