Oct 1, 2014

Now for Something Not All that Different

The Midual Type 1 (that thing on the right) is the latest toy designed for the world's 1%. There are lots of them (toys, that is) so you have to watch closely to see what POS those goofballs are storing in the garages, closets, and warehouses this week. A french company, headed by Oliver Midy, has cobbled together this Ducati-look-alike and is asking a mere 140,000 Euros or £111,790 pounds or $177,628.50 each for the 35 copies of this bike. I'm sure those of you with a couple hundred grand wasting away are going to charge out and gobble up this 106bhp longitudinally-mounted, 1036cc monster (Monstro?) because . . . you can.

The things you get for $200k?
  • 78ft-lb of torque at 5300rpm
  • an aluminium monocoque which, Buell-like, contains the fuel tank 
  • 239kg of pure overpriced sex appeal
  • custom colored and finished leather seat
  • a wooden dash and custom frame finish
  • one-off switch gear, displays, gauges, signal indicators, footrests, brackets and mudguards so when Midy goes bankrupt you'll never have to worry about riding this thing anywhere, since you won't be able to buy replacement parts
  • Brembo calipers 
  • 43mm Ohlins forks
  • a TTX36 Ohlins rear shock
  • adjustable steering head angle
Of course, you could get all of that stuff for a 10th of the price with a Ducati, BMW, MG, or several other bikes. But there would be more than 35 of them and that defeats the purpose, doesn't it? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a joke. One of the online blogs blasted it for what it is - overpriced and ugly. That exhaust, gaah.
How can someone who wants to build a bespoke bike put the tach down by your crotch? Back in the day of muscle cars, Pontiac had a tach option that mounted it down on the console, Car&Driver said it was like wearing a wristwatch on your ankle.

You could buy your little truck, camper and a couple spare bikes, plus have enough cash left to just travel for many years...