Mar 24, 2012

Get 'em While They're Green

This is officially the must have gift for any real motorcyclist. Get yours by April 1st and be the first in your gang, biker bar, or "club" brag about it. 

New Aerostich Inflatable Shade Tree

The biggest of 156 all-new items in the new 2012 Aerostich/RiderWearHouse catalogs...and a must-have on any road trip. Deploys quickly and converts any barren roadside area into an oasis of shaded respite. Available in four arboreal varieties: Douglas Fir, White Pine, Walnut or Maple. Each inflates to a full-grown 20'x10', yet packs small enough to carry along on every ride. Set-up is fast and easy with optional compressor/inflator. Enjoy nearly instantaneous shade in any environment. A survival aid in arid desert scenarios which makes impromptu repairs tolerable under even the most relentless broiling sun. Rugged Chinese-engineered construction ensures many seasons of trouble free use. Prices start at $309.17, including patch kit, Kevlar guy lines and Ti stakes. Forest pack deal: Fifth tree is free with purchase of four.

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