Mar 31, 2012

Cherry Picking

I feel like Jon Stewart trolling the "news" for comedy material. There is so little good to say about getting old farts back "on the road" on trikes that I don't know where to start. However, I appreciate the effort the company is making to solve the Social Security budget crisis. If trikes are dangerous on small ATVs, imagine how scary one of those POS designs will be on the road. Unlike this "engineer's" opinion, trikes are not safer just because they don't fall over at a stop sign. Like I said a long time ago, It's Not A #&^%#@ Wheelchair!


  1. Trikes are so wrong from an engineering standpoint. As a vehicle for metermaids or selling icecream it's a great design, for actual use as a motorcycle, no thanks.
    The ratio of sprung to unsprung weight is ridiculous on most conversions using automotive type rear axles.
    I've gotten a lot of flack for saying this, but I would rather have a Mazda Miata; much better handling and performance, better mileage and taking up the same amount of space, for roughly the same money.

  2. Personally, I'd rather have a VW Beetle convertible, but I can see the Miata option, too.


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