Mar 25, 2012

Feakin' Stupid

So, yesterday I was out riding around town, doing eBay errands, checking in on friends, and enjoying the fruits of Minnesota's end of global warming.when I realized that I should be wearing hip pads. What the f.&*k! I just got a brand new, titanium socket and ball, which may or may not be stronger than the old flesh-and-bone attachment, and my Darien's are protection-free. The guy who bought my Super Sherpa told me a story about his mother-in-law falling and bending her hip replacement so badly it had to be removed. I say again, what the f.&*k! Holy crap and other expletives. Getting one of these things out after it has ingrown for four months has got to be godawful surgery. Putting something back in that mangled hole is a whole 'nother story. So, I ordered some hip pads from Aerostich and I'm wearing pillows on my ass till they get here.

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