Feb 16, 2014

So Far, So Far

Theoretically, I have gotten away with abandoning the WR. The expected “hard part” of this expedition was the trip to Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument. We went, we saw, and we made it back with no harm, foul, or excitement. From 3,500’ to 10,000’ to 8,000’ and back to 5,000’ in a day. 40 miles in about 3 hours, one-way. The RV held up fine, although I wished I had a motorcycle about 10,000 times on the trip. What a great national park, what a wonderful road, and there are more free (semi-civilized) campsites along that route than you can visit in less than a couple of days.

Once again, we pretty much owned the place. There were no more than 3 other cars in the monument’s lot and we didn’t see more than a dozen cars on the highway the whole route.

We’re in Silver City today and, probably, tomorrow. Then, on to City of Rocks, Pancho Villa, and Rockhound state parks later next week. Southern New Mexico has been an incredible discovery for us. Somehow this cluster-f**k of a trip has turned out pretty well. I am missing the WR, but lugging that trailer up the mountains to Gila would have been too big of a gamble.


  1. You better hope that your motorhome doesn't read your blog...

  2. This damn VW is making me a bit superstitious. We're back in Elephant Butte and the WR is still my baby. The VW did work for 400 miles in the mountains, though. Not a small thing.


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