Oct 13, 2013

This One’s for You, Chris

chris sidecarFor some reason, this picture has been sitting on my desktop for almost a year. When I saw it, I thought about my friend, Chris Luhman, and his fascination with the Ural machinery. I think if you can ride a Ural, you could tolerate this silly-assed idea. Right?

Everything about three-wheels, side-cars, and riding with this kind of mass evades me. It looks considerably less fun than a decent convertible and a lot less comfortable. If you can’t lean it, why ride it?

real luggage

On a not-very-related topic, I got caught up in a bar discussion about luggage and travelling light vs. carrying the kitchen sink. This is another picture that has sat on the desktop for several months waiting for a reason to shift into the blog-o-sphere. I don’t think I’m going to find a real “reason” to use this, so I’m just posting it to clean up my desktop.


Andy Mckenzie said...

I know I've seen at least one video of a side-car rig that allowed the bike to lean normally, but I think it had been custom built.

I have to agree, though... I look at Goldwings with sidecars, and I think "Why didn't you buy a convertible? You can get a fairly nice car for what you just paid for that bike, and it will be more comfortable to travel long distance in."

Trobairitz said...

Ha, that side car is funny. I'd be laughing if I saw that coming down the street.

Cool idea though. Has to be aerodynamic if shaped like a plane doesn't it?

T.W. Day said...

I sat on one of the Goldwing trikes at the last Bike Show and . . . it was creepy. It feels more like a wheelchair than a motorcycle and at my age I don't need to be reminded of how close all that shit is.