Oct 11, 2013

I love the fact that these maroons ended up on YouTube, I disagree with some of the poster's editorial comments. For example, dumbshit #7 did not make an "epic save." The stupid fuck was just lucky, leaning into the car while trying to steer away from it. The fucktards were tailgating and totally deserved to be splattered all over the highway like a bunch of flies on a radiator. If you aren't bright enough to know why the average motorist hates motorcycles, these assholes are why. I am amazed that the character who edited this piece had the gall to ask motorists to watch out for motorcyclists. Yeah, all of you cagers start worrying about morons who will crash into the back of your car. I suggest getting bullet proof glass so that they don't put your passengers at risk.

Hell, I'm almost at the point of hating motorcyclists.

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