Oct 10, 2013

Letter to the AMA

OK, I lied. I didn't wait till I wasn't pissed off. Here's the letter I sent to the AMA.

I have been an active motorcyclist since 1965 and, like most motorcyclists, I have not been an AMA member since I quit racing and was no longer required to maintain a membership to race. This mealy-mouthed press release is exactly why I believe the AMA does not represent me or any aspect of responsible motorcycling. If you can even consider writing a sentence like this, let alone asking me to copy it for my local media, you are an enemy of everyday motorcyclists and might as well get your tats, pick your colors, and join the ranks of motorcycle gangbangers everywhere, "I am troubled by the serious injuries caused by the SUV driver and by the actions of some motorcyclists who apparently decided to take the law into their own hands." The SUV driver did not cause the injuries to the idiot biker. Parking in front of the vehicle, along with the rest of his pack of gangsters, threatening a vehicle carrying a family, and riding without any regard what so every for traffic and criminal law is what caused the biker's injuries. You can watch that video and still say "some motorcyclists . . . apparently decided to take the law into their own hands?" "Apparently? 

Here's some other apparently's for you: !) apparently, unreasonably and illegally loud motorcycle exhausts are making enemies for all riders, especially responsible riders who do not travel in gangs; 2) packs of motorcycle gangsters are, apparently, creating the impression that all of us are gangsters and deserve whatever happens to us on public roads; 3) apparently most motorists believe that race motorcycles sold for use on public roads is irresponsible and is a solid sign that motorcycles are only used for recreation or hooliganism and should be removed from public roadways; 4) apparently, because of my first three points, modern highway planning is unlikely to include motorcycles in the traffic mix and the general public approves of that decision. Thanks for nothing, AMA. When you lie down with dogs, you not only get up with fleas but you infect the rest of us with your disease. 

I am going to rewrite your letter and send it to my local media. I'll let you know how that plays out.

Thomas Day
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Magazine


Andy Mckenzie said...

I just sent them a letter as well over this moronic press release.

To whom it may concern,

This morning I was directed to your page regarding the incident which occurred in New York on September 29th, and I wanted to pass on my reactions to your response.

My initial response was "Yeah, that sounds about right for a group that doesn't care about motorcyclists." Your reaction is one part of why I am not a member, and will probably never be a member. Leaving aside the fact that you're blaming the driver in any of this (defending yourself from an outright assault is still legal in all states, as far as I know, and attempting to escape from an assault as well), there are some problems here.

These riders did not "[decide] to take the law into their own hands." These riders broke off from an illegal event the police were trying to shut down, repeatedly violated traffic laws, were riding recklessly on a busy highway, and then terrorized and assaulted someone who was unfortunate enough to be on the road at the same time as them. The NYPD were out in force trying to stop this ride from happening, and these riders broke off to continue on their own. Let's state this clearly: These riders ignored a legal police order, broke traffic laws, and assaulted an innocent bystander.

These riders did not "take the law into their own hands." They are violent criminals.

No motorcycle organization should respond to this event with anything but condemnation and scorn. If you want American law to support motorcyclists, you need to change your stance. You need to condemn these riders, support laws blocking these illegal "stunt rides," and act publicly to convince the public, both riding and non-riding, that you are as opposed to this sort of outrage as they are.

As it stands, you appear to not care about anything but image. You appear to be concerned only that this might paint other riders in a bad light. Perhaps that is also why you oppose laws banning overly-loud exhaust systems, and requiring helmets or safety gear: because you don't care about riders, only your image, and you would rather rail against an unfair public than address the problems we, as riders, have caused.

T.W. Day said...

Well done, Andy.