Aug 27, 2013

VBR3 Lurker Report

We went, we saw, we enjoyed the hell out of the 2013 Aerostich Very Boring Rally III, but we barely rode. I felt like a "lurker" all weekend because I trailered my WR250 to the event, stayed in the RV both nights, and didn't once show up at the rally on two wheels; we always walked across the lot from the campground.
grudgegeezer's VBR3 2013 album on Photobucket

My wife has been complaining about my solo "adventures" for four decades, but she's about as adventurous as Jerry Lewis or Dean Martin (Anyone remember them?). So we bought an RV and a trailer (Yeah, I know. Rub it in.) and off we went to Duluth to pretend to be motorcyclists at the third Very Boring Rally. I felt about as comfortable as I would have at Sturgis on my WR250. Between the air conditioning, the super-convenient bathroom, the go-along dog (at least she isn't a miniature poodle), and my general lack of motorcycle-ness, I don't know if I ever felt older than this past weekend. But my wife had fun and I had some.

We did test the WR250X as a two-up rider for a trip into Duluth Friday night. It did fine, keeping up with traffic at 70mph+ and handling pretty much as expected with about 75 pounds over the recommended gross weight load. So far so good with the plan to use the 250 as our convenience vehicle on the RV road trip we're planning for this winter.

The weather was nearly perfect for the first two days of the rally. Sunday was hot and most everyone hit the road early. Breakfast "brunch" started serving at 7AM and was pretty depleted by 9AM. The trials guys could have fooled themselves into believing spectator interest turned around on Saturday, but Sunday was back to normal after the Aerostich crowd left.


Flyboy said...

75lbs overweight? Rebel without a cause........;)

T.W. Day said...

Yeah, neither one of us is a lightweight. The curse of being old and American. Lame excuse, I know.