Aug 20, 2013

The sad fact is, I despise conservative anything. The kind of mental midgetry that bans a motorcycle from a race because it is too good just makes me want to ignore everything racing organizations sponsor. One of my childhood heroes, Parnelli Jones, experienced this bullshit at the Indianapolis 500 with his STP-Paxton Turbocar. I haven't watched an Indi 500 since. There was a back-story about Honda's EXP-2 that I can not find a link to, but as I remember it the bike was banned from the Paris to Dakar series because no one else could replicate the technology without breaking Honda's patents. Bore me to death with your old technology and timid bullshit and I take my money and time somewhere else. It is despicable that electric motorcycle racing is already turning into a bunch of little old ladies worried that someone might knit something interesting.

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John Kettlewell said...

Nice video! Now if we can just get some electric bikes with say 120 miles of range at highway speeds we'll have something useful. I have no doubt we'll be there soon.