Aug 17, 2013

Not News, but Media Noise

This is a wonderful example of how fuckin' stupid the "media" (air, for example, is a media for sound, thermal energy, light, etc.) has become. The morons at the incredibly dumbed-down Rapid City Journal published an attempt to describe a series of crashes at the Sturgis Potato-Potato Rally called, "One dead in bike wreck, multiple vehicles seized for drugs." This brilliant piece of kindergarten writing contains irrational statements like:
  • "William L. Ziegelbein, 44, of Lincoln, Neb., was traveling north on a 2008 Triumph Rocket motorcycle, when his bike left the road on a curve and entered the west ditch . . . "
  • "A motorcycle driven by Mark Steever, 47, of Lennox, went out of control while traveling south on Nemo Road . . ."
  • "A motorcycle driven by Ellen Lloyd, 60, from Lavista, Neb., failed to handle a curve while traveling east on Nemo Road . . . "
  • "A motorcycle driven by Sherwin Coleman, 58, from West Bountiful, Utah, lost control while traveling north . . . "
  • "A motorcycle driven by Clarence Carlson, 40, from Warroad, Minn., drifted off the road while traveling west on U.S. Highway 16A . . ."
  • "A motorcycle driven by William Perry, 45, from Hawthorne, Calif., failed to negotiate a curve while traveling west on state Highway 44 . . . "
One after another (for a total of 12 pitiful victims of runaway motorcycles), these vicious motorcycles dragged their hapless passengers off of the road and into ditches, cars and other motorcycles, and into various stationary obstacles while their completely innocent and unaware "riders" were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oddly, the bikes did not get the blame for all of the illegal drugs and weapons South Dakota police confiscated.


John Kettlewell said...

This news account got it right. The poor guy drove his motorcycle off the road and it took two weeks to find him:

T.W. Day said...

I would expect a New York newspaper to be more literate (and accurate) than pretty much anything written in South Dakota. Good to see that's true.