May 4, 2013

What Kind of Crash Is This?

There is a fair amount of discussion on-line attributing the "cause" of this incident to "target fixation." I completely disagree. Everything about this crash stinks of rider incompetence. Even worse, like the cagers we often whine about, this asshole decided to sacrifice unprotected bicyclists rather than accept the consequences of riding too fast and not being in control of his motorcycle and move his crash off of the road and away from innocent victims. For that, I would suggest throwing the entire rule book at biker bozo and extracting the maximum cash and liberty. Running into the back of any vehicle or person is a symptom of incompetence on multiple levels. In this case, it's also damn near attempted manslaughter.

The fact that jackass-boy is also playing racer on public roads, has a loud pipe (perfectly delineating who he really is), and reacted exactly wrong in every way pretty much puts the nails in his riding coffin. The perfect outcome would be a shit-load of tickets from the cop and learning that one of the bicyclists is a lawyer. I have no more sympathy for him than I would for a cager (especially a cop) who rear-ends a motorcycle.

This is not a poor-biker story, but a dumbass-on-a-motorcycle classic tale. This guy and the thousands like him are exactly the reason "real people" hate motorcyclists and making him into anything else puts us in his boots (or, probably, flipflops). 

Your opinion?

Postscript: This video and opinions about who did what to who and why are "going viral" on the web. A bicyclist's view of the crash is about the same as mine, "What Really Happened." Huffington Post wrote it up in "Motorcycle Crashes Into Cyclists On California Highway." One of the Huffington readers optimistically called the douchebag "Worst motorbike rider ever." We wish that were true.


  1. Given the number of crash videos I see on that road, I think there's a simple way to cut motorcycle accidents in the state (California?) in half: ban motorcycles from that road.

    But if they're not going to do that, I agree with you. The guy basically screwed up completely; whether it was target fixation or just coming out of the turn too fast, there's no excuse for running into a bicyclist on a motorcycle. I mean... turning 2 degrees in either direction would have avoided the whole mess.

  2. Look at the lean angle... he had a LOT more that bike could have turned into the corner. just before impact the bike 'stands up quick' an he puts his foot down! He quit "Riding" it...

    ... either malicious or incompetent, he needs to not get on a bike again... at the minimum for a long long time...

  3. Your last paragraph is exactly my opinion on this.

    I hate to read stories like this. Not just because people were hurt but because it is one more reason for the masses to think of all motorcyclists as being in the same category and that motorcycling is dangerous.


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