Jan 31, 2013

Speaking of People Who Should NOT Reproduce

This might be the dumbest, most public-image-destructive thing any group of motorcyclists have ever done:

I suppose it's terrible that I wish the cops had rounded up everyone of these assholes and shot them over one of our boarders or jettisoned them into the ocean from a giant clown cannon, but I do.


Trobairitz said...

So many laws broken in so little time. I bet their mother's are proud - NOT.

It really bothers me to see these stunts because as motorcycle enthusiasts we are continually fighting against the public bias that "we are all a bunch of disrespectful bikers" and this sure as hell doesn't help our image.

I agree with shooting them out of a cannon.

Oz said...

I love riding sport bikes and I enjoy watch stunts, but I don't understand this behavior.