Jan 30, 2013

Future "Bikers?"

Sorry, but I can't resist this one:

We can all see these boys in 10 years, right? Dressed exactly like they are in this picture plus some pirate accessories and a Glock strapped to their butts. Could be on a Harley/Victory or on a LED-geeked out sportbike, but they are the same goofball either way.

Yeah, I know. I didn't wear a helmet or shoes when I was a kid, either. My dad was a WWII veteran and would have no more thought carrying a sidearm was "protecting" his kids than he'd have bragged about his kids surviving childhood without his having had the sense to make us wear decent gear. In the '50's, bicycle helmets either didn't exist or they didn't filter their way to Kansas. I still wear a bike helmet intermittently and look how badly I turned out. It is, honestly, a miracle of some sort that I made it past 9 years old.

Some people should not consider parenthood. They are clearly unsuited for the responsibility.

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