May 5, 2012

I'm Back

Ok, I never really left. However, I did leave a few bits of me somewhere in a hospital trash can five months ago and I've been working toward today ever since. At 7AM today, I started my first MSF BRC class for 2012. I've been doing 50 deep squats, a variety of leg lifts, pushups, setups, physical therapy, and flinging 10-20 pound dumbells (the weights, not the people) around every day for four-plus months aiming at today. It was just a single, but according to my Fitbit that amounts to 4.5miles walked today and 2400 calories burned before 1PM. Not bad for a 65-year-old under-achieving fat man with a bad attitude and low self-esteem.

I lucked out and it was a great class, full of over-achievers and it is good to be back on the range.


Robert Keeney said...

How does the FitBit work?

I went to their web site but it was very uninformative.

T.W. Day said...

The FitBit is a USB dongle sized thing that records motion/activity and downloads it to the FitBit site where the data is compiled into something you can use as an activity monitor. From that data, it calculates the calories you've burned. If you wear it at night, it gives you an estimate of how well or poorly you've slept. You can enter meal data and monitor your calorie intake and you can add exercise data to refine the system's evaluation of your activity. It should be a useful diet tool, but I haven't lost much weight and I can't blame that on FitBit. I eat too much.