Apr 22, 2012

Motorcycle Hostile?

The interior of the Nissan Juke, a trophy supposedly taken from the remains of a
motorcycle "prey" the Juke's driver killed in the commercial. I sort of see
the general outline of something motorcycle-ish, but the gaywad cupholders
do some damage to the credibility of this tough-guy SUV.

There is motorcycle hostile and . . . there is Nissan. According to an ad Nissan ran for a bit in Canada, not only does the really cool Nissan Juke go fast, but it is the ideal tool for killing motorcyclists! Gotta have that. According to the ad, the console was a trophy salvaged from one of the Juke's motorcycle victims. It is one flashy coffee cup holder, gotta give it that. And it does look out of place in the otherwise bland Nissan-ish interior.

At least one other blogger suspects that this ad might have some negative ramifications for motorcycle safety.  Thanks for the heads-up, Paul.

Postscript: After months of being available on-line, Nissan pulled this last piece of evidence that they'd ever advertised motorcyclists were "prey." What a bunch of wimps. 


  1. An oldie.


  2. It must have just gone viral in the last week in the US, because I can't get to it anymore. The links I've tried say access denied.
    The comments on Asphalt&Rubber reference Nissan Canada, but I found it on a blog dated a few days ago.

  3. I believe this blew up several weeks ago. Nissan Canada subsequently pulled the video... nothing ever posted on the web is ever really "pulled."

  4. They seem to have done a job with the extraction, though. I can't find it anywhere now. I suppose they're playing the lawyer game like crazy, trying to bury the evidence.

  5. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/561/093/135/motorcycle-violence/

  6. petition for above video:

  7. It's here (http://scaryideas.com/content/20612), until Nissan discovers it and takes it off, again.


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