Apr 1, 2012

2012 Bikes I'd like to Review

My MMM editor asked what bikes I'd like to review for 2012. Here's my short list (any suggestions?):

  • 2012 Ninja 250 
  • Beta 350RS 
  • Bimoto DB10B Motard 
  • Any of the Honda NC700 models 
  • Honda CBR125R 
  • Any Ural model 
  • Piaggo X10 350 
  • Any Kimco from 200cc up 
  • Any street-legal Husky, especially the new supermotos 
  • V-Strom 650/1000 with ABS 
  • DRZ400SM 
  • Suzuki Inazuma 250 (probably not coming here this year) 
  • KTM 200 
  • Duke Triumph Tiger 800XC 
  • Anything from Zero or the Brammo Engage Supermoto


  1. I'm surprised the Yamaha Star Super Roadstratoliner Deluxe Extra Heavy didn't make your list.

  2. Given your self proclaimed disinterest in euro and especially british bikes, I'm impressed that they're almost half of your list!

  3. Nobody pays me to be consistent! I was a little surprised at that aspect of the list, too. Of course, wanting to ride something is a long way from wanting to part with actual money for it.


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