Apr 4, 2012

The Clued and the Clueless

Milagro, a Spanish photographer's blogpage, has an incredible series of pictures of Sir Valentino Rossi sliding through a high speed corner. Paul Young turned me on to a Knee Slider's page where a bunch of folks discussed the apparent optical illusion or physical impossibility of this entry line called, "How the Gods Ride."

Most of the commentators were awestruck and moderately to extremely insightful, but one was, to my eyes, incredibly silly and more than a little arrogant, "He’s squaring the corners like they do in motocross. They are able to do this with all the electronics they have, in the old days it would bite and fling you, today it’s the best electronics package that wins…." Some people have an amazing image of themselves that is only reflected in their drug-induced hallucinations. From the outside, they just appear to be squids without a clue. Clearly this character never saw Rossi ride before the ride-by-wire packages.

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