Apr 1, 2012

And You Want to Know Why People Hate Motorcyclists?

Everything about this douche explains why everyone from nurses to kindergarten teachers hate motorcyclists. I want to beat myself with a chain just for being linked to this guy by two wheels. I do love his little do-rag getup, though. I wonder if he makes pancakes with more skill than he rides a bike? Can you say "flaming?" [If you can't stand listening to this fruitcake, jump to the end for the best part of the video.]

Too bad he didn't test the do-rag in that brainless get-off. We might have seen how much unused space he has inside that goofy skull. Now I'm even more in favor of helmets laws. Not for the safety factor, but for the beautification of our roads and streets. The less time we have to spend looking at characters like this, the better off the world is.


  1. Knucklehead! Natural selection will surely take this squid out. =) Respects

  2. saw this one previously love the ending.

  3. I'd have been nervous as the camera operator after the verdict. Coulda ended up a victim of roid rage.


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