Jul 26, 2009

I Still Don't Like Cruisers

Holy crap! Yet another reason to dislike Harley's. I stumbled on this picture following a Google chase for something completely different. Once I got side-tracked into this subject, I found a couple of other goofy links.

For example, the creeps from Orange County Cycle donating one of their abortions to McCain and Palin at a rally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUR4m3xh8zk. Those boys can really define and fabricate "ugly." You have to give them that.

This last April, she was again hanging with the Teutul freakshow. While it's true that "there is no accounting for taste," there must be some sort of retribution due for having no taste at all. No? Damn, that's some ugly motorcycle and the guy who is feeling up Palin is pretty creepy looking, too. I have to admit that I really like Palin's LA hooker shoes, though.

Last, but not least, one of this blog's readers sent me this picture, claiming that it was Palin's personal ride. Say it isn't so, Sarah. No one running for President of these United States should ever, ever be caught dead, alive, or in a zombie state on something as freakin' godawful ugly as a pink Harley. That is a national disgrace. There ought to be a law against subjecting the innocent public to viciously tasteless stuff like that bike.


  1. insult Palins choice of footwear, well the loony left is willing to insult everything else about her,,so why not,,I do not understand why libs always stoop to personal attacks on those they fear, or disagree with,,hope you get back to posting things with a little more substance related to motorcycling

  2. If you were wearing high heeled Hardly boots, I'd be laughing at you, too. Come on, admit that she dresses like a mid-priced hooker. What I really want to know, though, is that her pink Hardly? Cause if it is, case closed.

    As for stooping to "personal attacks, the broad wouldn't have been noticed by her own family if she hand't have made a career out of flinging mud in every direction. I'll never understand why the wingnuts think they can insult everyone they disagree with and when it comes back their way they act like some rule has been broken. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

  3. Like her or not, you Minnesotans have to admit "Our govenor looks better naked than yours." She may be a bimbo, but she's our bimbo.

    AK rider

  4. No kidding, check these out:

    Our, California's, govenator looks freakin' pitiful in a similar state of undress.


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