May 1, 2015

Like It or Not, Here It Comes

Delphi's Autonomous Car Is Remarkably...Unremarkable ...

Silicon Valley - Driverless Car

What's stopping autonomous cars?

Delphi thrilled with results from autonomous car's cross-country trip

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  1. One of our friends on this list attended a talk by John Eddy in Minneapolis the other day. One of Paul's insights afterwards was "My take away was that if we motorcycle owners wish to stay in the mix, we had better learn to be better operators and citizens of the road, or as you fear we will be legislated out of existence. Plus, there will be no need for the loud pipe nonsense!"

    I'm not sure there has ever been evidence that such a "need" ever existed, but it ought to be pretty obvious that a change is coming and nobody's going to care what hooligan motorcyclists want.


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