Mar 12, 2015

Total Slacker Year

Last year, about this time, I'd put on so many winter motorcycle miles that I had burned up a 2nd set of tires since October. This winter, I'm an old Minnesotan. Today was (sigh) my first two wheeled adventure day since last Thanksgiving. We've had about a week of decent weather and there have been a parade of cool motorcycles going past our new Red Wing home, but I'm still trying to get my new garage functional. There is nothing wrong with the space, it's just a 380 square foot garage filled to the ceiling with stuff from my old 850 square foot garage. It's getting there, but it's not really a work space yet.

Today was too pretty to ignore, though. I'm slightly ahead of the runoff that pours from the yard and road into my lower level garage. Bills are paid, we're in limbo on the house we're selling in the Cities, and the bike garage is actually pretty organized. So, I wrapped myself up in Aerostich gear and hit the trails on the WR. This was my first motorcycle adventure as a Red Wing resident, so I picked the county road in front of my house, headed south, cut east on the first non-deadend dirt road and 90 miles later the WR is coated in a beautiful layer of clay and gravel and my legs are trashed.

What a great day! Maybe the best in months. Hills, valleys, stream crossings, slick wet corners, piles of recently graded sand and gravel in the various spots on the road, and even some frozen stuff disguised as wet clay. Not only was it all good, it was incredibly fun.

I'm signed up for a motorcycle class every weekend from the end of April until early October. Looks like there's gonna be some two-wheeling this summer.

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Trobairitz said...

Every weekend for 5 months, that is a lot of classes. Have fun.

Glad you got out for a ride!