Apr 21, 2014

So Much for Our Data

The Geezer used bike spreadsheet has been pretty much wreaked. Some douchebag named "ahmed" has been playing with the sort feature, scrambling the bikes and the rest of the data. Overall, we found that the average Craig's List bike was ridden about 1,700 miles. There was a lot of cool data in the spreadsheet, but the last time I backed it up was last fall. So, I pulled the link from the website. It was fun while it lasted.


Unknown said...

Too bad about the spreadsheet! Google Drive should have the complete revision history, so I'll back up the current version and see if there's any way to recover the data. Worst case scenario, I might be able to put together another version that's a little less error-prone whenever I get some free time.

Unknown said...

I've reverted the spreadsheet to the last good version, and I've gone through the changelogs from when it was created up until now. It looks like it started getting sorted and re-sorted only a few months after it went up, but the data didn't end up garbled, thankfully! (Although the stats at the top-right certainly wandered all over the spreadsheet during the sorting)

Whenever I get some free time I'll see if I can put together something to make it easier for people to sort and play with the underlying data without the risk of corrupting it, since people clearly like to sort it and look for trends.

T.W. Day said...

Cool. Thanks William. I'll put the link back up on the front page when you have time to make the changes.

Trobairitz said...

A chosen few ruining it for everyone.

Why is it people feel the need to f*ck with things that aren't theirs? And why aren't you allowed to flog them?