Sep 9, 2013

Too Tough? Not by 1/100th

I take some crap about insisting that current US motorcycle licensing is so damn easy that I could get a chimp through the MSF "celebration of knowledge." Even a dumb chimp. But don't take that wrong. I have a lot of respect for chimpanzees; it's people I disrespect. This goofy Hollywood bimbo tried to squash herself and her kid on a scooter and it was only the talent and awareness of a school bus driver that saved her:

Apparently, all that unscarred skin bothers her and she picked a scooter to perform the surgery. I'm all for as many people as possible leaving the planet unlittered by their existence. But I think kids ought to have a say in the decision.


  1. Wow, talk about not being aware of your surroundings. How did she not see a yellow school bus coming up behind/beside her?

  2. When you have a kid strapped to your back as armor, you just can't help but feel invincible.


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