Sep 29, 2013

Getting Parked

I wrote this several years ago for Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly and turned it into a video, mostly to have a fun project with my grandson. After letting the whole Motorcycling Minnesota television show dry up and die off due to too much work required from me and too little participation from my studio “assistance,” I let the whole Geezer with A Grudge YouTube page dry up and die off. I just discovered that in their effort to duplicate the invasive tactics of Facebook, YouTube/Google made all of my old videos “private” while they continued to insist that they NEED my personal information. Most likely, these pages will go “private” again, since I don’t pay much attention to YouTube as a video poster. Maybe, someday, I’ll return to the television world. Hard to imagine, but I suppose it’s possible.

In the meantime, you can watch this video to see (and hear) original words and music from me and if it suddenly turns out that people want the whole Geezer with A Grudge craziness on video, I might get back to it.

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