Jul 23, 2012

Setting A Record

This weekend, I did a pair of MSF BRC (Basic Rider Course) classes in the rain on Saturday morning, in near-100F temps for Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday. A pair of 12 hour days in the Minnesota summer and 14 newly licensed motorcyclists. Not every "successful" day is really successful on an MSF range. Too many times, people who have no business watching a movie about motorcycles end up with a license from our incredibly easy, rudimentary license testing. Not this weekend. The ten students from the morning class were as good as anything I've ever worked with, each one of them. The four (you read that right, "four") students in the afternoon class were perfectly competent people and they all had some riding experience. Two brothers, 18 and 20, were pretty decent dirt bikers before the class. The other two men, 40-something and 50-something, had ridden "back in the day" (as if guys that young go back long enough to call it a day), 

My co-instructor and I had a choice: whip this out and get it over with or see if we can do something unusual with an unusual opportunity. Kevin and I went for unusual. Ten hours later and we managed to put almost 35 miles on that class's riders. 

A typical class has one or two good riders by the end and four to six almost competent riders and the rest are everything from scary-on-wheels to hide-behind-a-wall to save yourself. This class knocked out 35 miles on our dinky range in two afternoons and they were cooking at the end. Our fastest rider did the 135-corner in 2.36S and the slowest did it in 2.71S. 2.90S is a score that will cost you no points. It's not unusual for a good rider to do that corner in 3.2S or even more. Our total points for the whole class would pass the license test. 

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