Jul 1, 2012

All The News that Didn't Fit

Can 4 Wheels be a Cycle?
South African company, Swago Motor, is producing a product they are calling a "four-wheeled leaning motorcycle" (also known called a motorized quadricycle). The model is the 575 EVR-1 and it is sort of like a trike for the handicapped. It cruises at 65mph with a 24 mile range, has all-wheel independent suspension, dual hydraulic disk brakes, dual rear-wheel direct drive electric motors with electronic torque control, takes 6 hours to charge, and will lean up to 42 degrees. It's still not a motorcycle, though.
Harley is in India, Sort of
Not long ago, HD opened up a new "mother plant" in Bawal, Haryana. Soon afterwards, there was a lot of talk about an "INR 3-4 lakh Harley Davidson" developed specifically for the huge Indian market. However, Harley Davidson India CEO Anoop Prakash made it absolutely clear that there will be no sub-800cc Harley products coming from his factory. The Company is trying to target emerging economies' younger buyers in India, Brazil and South East Asia. without a product aimed at that market's preferences, it will be tough for HD to make much of dent in those highly competitive markets. 

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