Jun 22, 2011

Best Crash of 2011

This might be the funniest crash of the century (thanks Sev):


  1. That is one upset rider. The two bikes looked like they were doing the tango.

  2. It is really hard to imagine how the throttle got pinned on by the handlebars being locked together. I wonder what made the white bike crash in the first place?

  3. That guy was at least 80% of the comedy. It takes a lot of energy, focus, and testosterone to be near the front of the pack. If he could have untangled his bike quickly, he might have stayed in the race.

    Maybe the throttle got nailed when the bike hit the asphalt. I've had that happen on a dirt bike before. It looked like the bike just spun out and dropped the rider even before he was setting up for the turn. Maybe the throttle problem happened first.

  4. I saw this a couple times now, and every time I can't help but laugh at how frustrated the guy in black is. funny crash to watch.


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