Mar 1, 2014

The Only Word that Expresses This Is "Pitiful"

I snagged these three pictures from Motorcyclists' "New for 2014" Up to Speed article. What we're looking at is HD's attempt to market the new HD Street 500/750 models. Either with pirate dorks or nerdy college dorks, HD seems to think the lamest characters in society are its target market. There is literally nothing about the kid in this picture that doesn't scream "Dork Alert!!" When I showed the article to my wife and asked, "What does this ad say to you?"

"Antique. Geek. When he turns around, I expect to see some silly patch, badly sewn on, that tells me what glee club he belongs to. [And you thought I was harsh.] He looks like some of the momma's boys from your old school. What's he doing with that knee?"

That helmet is right out of 1962, although it wasn't stylish then either. It's a Harley, right? Just owning one makes you cool, no matter how dorky you really are. Good luck with that, boys.


Trobairitz said...

Ha ha. This made me chuckle. I too saw the pictures and shook my head. It sure doesn't speak to the typical Harley rider.

I understand they are aiming at newer riders with the smaller displacement bikes, but I think they really missed their mark with this.

Chris said...

Gotta love the graphic design of the ad as well. It looks like it was made in MS Paint by someone with a poor grasp of the program.