Apr 1, 2013

A Way Back for You Girliemen

For all of you lightweights who let your girlfriend or wife (or whatever other wimpy politically-correct title you give "the boss") who told you to sell the motorcycle, Aerostich has a solution: the "Magnetic Baby Onsie."
"Having a baby changes everything -- including your motorcycle riding. This new Aerostich Magnetic Baby Onsie (View action video.) helps you manage it without giving up your bike. Simply place any child within the Onsie and position it on your gas tank as if it were a magnetic tank bag. Then clip the safety leash to handlebar and ride! Prototypes have been endorsed by experts and baby-tested at over 140mph! For security and peace-of-mind it’s made of strong abrasion-resistant GORE-TEX Cordura with a full-length water-proof zipper, an internal comfort pad and three strong rare-earth magnets per side. A large strip of 3M SOLUS reflective provides nighttime conspicuity and inside is a removable, washable, fire-retardant 100% cotton fleece lining. There’s also a detachable 36” shoulder-strap to maximize off-bike portability. Available in Small (1-6 months) or Medium (6–18 months) and either Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, California Raisin, or Spiderman-licensed styles. A Millard-Marcus-Rebeka product. View action video."

I only wish I had a kid to test this with. Can I borrow yours?


  1. Stuck to the fridge ....great idea!

  2. They always have such a great sense of humor.

    Scary thing is how many people would actually try to order and use them if they were real......

  3. It's nonsense like this that makes Aerostich such a valuable example in a shopping world dominated by the humor free marketing maniacs at Walmart and Amazon. Aerostich forever!

  4. Hey! I'd order one if somebody would loan me a kid to try it out with. I resemble that remark. I'd even put two kids on the bike, one on the tank and one on the luggage rack. They'd be a perfect accessory for my WR250X.

    This whole concept completely blows away the "loud pipes save lives" idiocy. All of my kids and grandkids could out-scream any Hardley. A couple of hard bumps and a big lean and I bet the kid would be waking up distracted cagers for miles. Even a parking lot drop would permanently traumatize the kid and he/she would start bawling as soon as I pulled out the Onsie. I think it's a great product and would have the added advantage of keeping the population down.


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