Oct 13, 2012

A Trio of Stupid Vehicles

As if there aren't enough stupid vehicles on the road, Campagna Motors introduces one more stupid trike because you can never have enough of a bad thing.

To follow that depressing "news," I was barraged with a collection of silly pictures of even sillier vehicles. I have included at least one of the silliest. If I didn't know better, I'd think Monty Python "designed" the goofy looking "vintage thing." On second thought, they had better taste than that. And they were funnier.

At least the Irish rig comes with the right accessory, a hearse/coffin carrier. Everything about three wheels affects me like a three-legged stool. It is bad design work from start to finish. If one of these idiots had the sense to make the damn thing front wheel drive (with two wheels in front), it might have a chance of making sense. Maybe.

As I've said before, a motorcycle is "Not A #&;^%#@ Wheelchair."

For added stupidity, this idiot proves that any fool can burn up tires, but most fools can't turn worth squat. Watch him practically come to a stop anytime this POS has to turn a corner. We can only help he burns up his inheritance on tires and has to do something productive with his otherwise worthless life.


  1. It hurt me to hear the poor motor hitting the rev limiter. I've seen other videos of Smart cars with Hayabusa engines in them. It would be fun to drive that!!

  2. I will agree that most three wheelers are just dumb, but you have to look at the rules in England that helped create them. That old thing you have a pic of is a Morgan (or a clone of) and they've been around since 1910. Tax and registration laws kept three wheeled cars around for a long time; take a look at the Top Gear video of the Reliant Robin for a real laugh.
    Three wheelers pretending to be motorcycles are a whole different game.
    Your bitch about three legged stools is way off, they never rock because of one leg being different or non level ground!

  3. Three-legged stools may not rock, but they tip over damned easily.

  4. For a truly stupid trike check this out

  5. The Goldwing trike is hideous. Too bad he didn't put a price on it, I'd like a laugh after looking at that.

  6. Paul Compton10/16/12, 4:20 AM

    take a look at the Top Gear video of the Reliant Robin for a real laugh.

    That was achieved by locking the suspension solid to deliberately make it tip over. The Reliant Owners Club helped provide the cars and rig them. They already know most people consider them a joke.

    A friend of mine's wife only has a Motorcycle licence, but can no longer ride, so she drives a Robin. They're actually quite hard to tip over as the engine is virtually mid mounted (complete pain to service).

    The model that did have a reputation for tiping over was the Regal, but only of you reversed on full lock and hit the brakes hard. It would fall over quite gently and after being righted you'd be on your way again.

  7. Fuckin' hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQh56geU0X8

  8. Not as pretty as some old Morgan replicas, but has FWD, modern engine/transmission, and looks like fun! http://www.blackjackzero.com/pages/blackjack_zero.html


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