Oct 21, 2012

Falling Down on Camera

To watch this train-wreck on two wheels demonstrate incompetent technique, the perfect stupidity of the cruiser design concept, and show how helmets protect even the emptiest of heads, follow the link: cruiser crash. The only thing this boy has going for him is luck. (Thanks for the heads-up Paul). He proved that luck will make up for lack of skill, an absence of common sense (or, more accurately, the usual "common sense"), and almost any other deficiency.

The Corvette characters who were turned on to this picture scenario by the unfortunate owner of the trashed Corvette had lots of comments about how Train Wreck should have "laid 'er down," demonstrating that people who buy Corvettes are who we always suspected they were. (You know the difference between a Corvette and a porcupine, right?)


  1. This photo and an animated GIF are a current topic of discussion on sport-touring.net too. There is actually some clown that thinks the photographer is to blame for the crash. What's wrong with people today??? The cruiser rider is totally responsible for his own destiny, in this case it turned out bad for him and the 'vette owner. He let himself get distracted by something and didn't have the skill to correct his error...

    We used to compare State Patrol cars and porcupines. hehehe

  2. I just saw this last night on facebook. I just shook my head.

    It is amazing how distracted people can get - squirrel!

    There is a reason we are taught to look through the corner. If he'd only pressed a little harder........ bet he wishes he had a full face helmet on too.

  3. It is easy to see how target fixation worked. The bike straighten up and went right where he was looking. Trobaritz is correct - he should have looked through the corner and pressed, he would have crossed the line, but probably missed the vette. Motorcycling is fun, but we can not get that distracted, especially on when we are riding twisties.

  4. I was told by a bragging Harley rider about being flashed by women ........can only assume this is was one of those scenarios. For myself my sickles only bring the middle aged guys to the yard......so I'm safe from such distractions. Except for the time a gal on a nighthawk that I had overtaken on a elite 250 , took off in a sudden display of lane changing. She did a "superman" move across the seat that left me speechless in my helmet, and my next turn off came up quick.....


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