Jan 17, 2012

Cuttin' to the Bone

I'm on two legs now, walking around the house and using a cane when I go out for distance (1.5 - 2 miles a day average last week). Five weeks out from having my leg cut off and the jury (me) is still out on whether this was a good idea. I am a miserable cripple. I hate being unable to put my own socks on, let alone tie my shoes. My left leg jiggles like my belly, something that drives me crazy (both the leg and the belly). I lost about all of my muscle mass in the surgery and that comes back glacially at my age.

There is a great website, Edheads - Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery, that provides a complete look (less gore) of the procedure. Too many people, in my opinion, minimize the severity of this surgery and toss themselves into the hands of surgeons without a second thought. Go through the whole procedure, then decide how you feel about getting your leg cut off compared to whatever pain you're experiencing and disability you're suffering. If you don't have the stones to do the virtual procedure, I suspect you won't do well with the real thing. Lots of people don't.

I was in the garage earlier today, moving the battery tender from the V-Strom to the WR, and trying to imagine being able to swing a leg over either bike. It's impossible today. It's more possible today than last week, though. My wife cautions "patience." Patience, my ass. I want to ride something.


dick the bas player said...

Glad to hear you are semi portable. It could have been your mind you were loosing the use of. much harder to adapt to, and there s no therapy. My best for your future.

T.W. Day said...

No question. Morphine and me are never going to be friends. Dulls both the pain and the mind, but I'm better able to deal with pain than stupidity. I noticed some brainpower loss before the surgery, too. Things I know had to be looked up or thought about for way longer than normal. Pain is not an inspirational, intellectual motivator. It makes you shrink into yourself and shrivels the ability to think outside of the diminishing box of safe places.

Thanks for the encouragement and wishes. Back at you.

Paul Streeter said...

1 1/2 years after my accident I'm still not up to my old 100%, but I'm still getting better. Hang in there. I'm close by if you need anything.


T.W. Day said...

It's been one of the longest months of my life. I really want to be able to dress myself.

T.W. Day said...

Tied my own shoes yesterday. Practically a lifetime achievement.