Jan 12, 2011

The How, Why, Where, and What I Ride Survey

I'd appreciate your input on this survey: The How, Why, Where and What I Ride Survey. It's for next spring's first Geezer with A Grudge MMM column.


  1. Well, the last question made me go back and check my answers.
    The temperature question is interesting. It's not the temp itself that stops me, but the certainty that there will be ice on the road below a certain temp.
    As for the alcohol issue, I've managed to stick to a no drinking and riding rule. I'm just not skilled enough to do both at the same time. And live.

  2. Gerry,

    As I created this survey, I took it. I found myself wanting to fudge both the gear I "always" ride with, my annual average mileage, and my min-temp cutoff. I don't quit riding because of temperatures. I quit because I see ice on the road, for example. Thanks for going through the survey.

  3. Paul Compton1/13/11, 3:06 AM

    What makes me quit riding for the winter in my part of the UK is mud. Long grass, ruts and areas of mud along the access road to my workshop/garage are a challenge, but easy to handle on the Morini 3 1/2 Sport. It's the mess that it pulls into the workshop that's the problem.

  4. What happened to "standard" in the Primary Ride question? Are you assuming that nobody rides standards anymore? (It's pretty close to the truth, because not many are being made.)

  5. No, just a screw-up. I fixed it. Thanks for the update. There are quite a few standards still available, my favorite is the TU250X Suzuki.

    I've heard a few complaints about the lack of "sport touring" categories, but I don't see that as different than "touring," so I'm not up for adding it.

  6. On Q3, I see you left out sport touring as a category for everyday ride, claiming it's the same as touring bikes. Maybe the question should be "how much does your everyday ride weigh?"
    Some of the STs out there are pretty porky, but my R-RS is in the low 500's, the same ball park as some standards.

  7. Some good questions in there. Happy to have answered them and I am looking forward to the results!


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