Aug 17, 2021

Remember When?

 Remember when motorcycle manufacturers thought sales were worth advertising for? It feels like a lifetime ago.


Cas said...

Some of those are great, and a bit of humour too. They really did concentrate on getting the message that bikes are practical and fun for everyone. I wonder was that their mistake because they didn't push the training angle too? The first one shows the good reverend just jumping on and suddenly being an expert off road rider, it entirely misses out the stage of lost skin and bruises.

T.W. Day said...

I wouldn't doubt that is one off many places where motorcycling lost its opportunity in the early years of growth. Hyping how easy it is to ride, I think, is going to put a damper on electric bicycles, too. The crash and mortality/morbidity rate (per mile driven) for eBikes is exceeding even motorcycles.