Dec 21, 2020

December 2020: Geezer with A Grudge on Fast Lane Biker Magazine


A piece of my ancient history and a not-so-original (from me) sentiment.


  1. I agree -- everyone CANNOT ride a scooter. Or a motorcycle. Despite what their friends might tell them, or what they desperately want to believe, a scooter is just as dangerous as a motorcycle on the road. The pavement or another vehicle does not care what you are being launched from.

    I've witnessed more than one Harley rider attempting a 250cc scooter for the first time and it's painfully obvious they aren't really much of a rider. They don't know how to approach a new throttle -- especially something as responsive as a Vespa GTS, and they can't seem to understand the difference between their ass dragging seat position and the 31 inch height of the Vespa.

    I suppose it's all part of our "liberty" to be foolish. Anyone can get a scooter, motorcycle, chainsaw, or gun with practically zero preparation or training.

    I enjoyed reading your "Anyone Can Ride One" piece. I hope when it's time for a wheelchair, I'll be ready.

    Hope you had a fine Christmas and best wishes for a better year in 2021!

    1. I hope your "time for a wheelchair" is in the far distant future. Thanks for reading the Geezer.


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