Nov 16, 2019

Hardly Riders and Laugh In

More Hardly riders doing the Laugh In tricycle bit. “I hit that [invisible] hole in the road,” sort of like “I had to put ‘er down.” It always means, “I screwed up and fell over totally out of incompetence.” These guys always remind me of the Laugh-In tricycle gag. How can you ride this badly and still take your badass biker posing seriously?


  1. Bahahahahaha! Totally incompetent. I hope someone mentioned rider training to these clowns?

  2. WTF!! The second guy was even worse that the first one. How is that even possible?

  3. These two characters are all the evidence we need that a "tiered licensing system" should be a nation-wide requirement. No way either of these bozos could get a license for anything bigger than a 250.


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